What happens when a realist (S) and a dreamer (R) share the same hobby?
Probably not much yet (except friendship). But what happens if they make this hobby their profession?
As we know today, something like No one lives in heaven, or NOLIH for short, happens then. A cheeky Indie RPG with a tendency to madness (not our formulation, greetings to DAN RPG).
But what we have formulated is the following (unreliable) memory protocol about the creation of a roleplaying game, which has never been seen before. The following events took place in November 2018 and certainly happened, literally, without any subsequent dramatization:

R: "Have you ever wondered what Pacman does when he doesn't eat points?
S: "Not yet, why?"
R: "Well, I mean: When he has eaten everything and there are no more opponents, what does Pacman do in his spare time? Does he have any kind of private life, maybe even a hobby?"
S: "Stupid question. Pacman has no hobby. He just waits for the next round."
R: "You do not understand me. Let me take another example. Mario. The one with the moustache."“
S: "I know him. So what?"
R: "He saves the princess. Every time. In every game."
S: "He does that, yes."
R: "And after that they live happily ever after, but without Bowser."
S: "That's right. And what's wrong with that?"
R: "Don't they have marital problems? I mean, Mario Law is full of details about every aspect of the game. We know exactly which enemy we have to jump on to kill or which shell Yoshi has to eat to make us fly. But we have no idea if Mario and Princess ever fought. Or what movies they watch together at night." S: "Probably Disney's."
R: "What?"
S: "They probably watch Disney movies."
R: "You don't understand me again. My point is that we know nothing about our heroes. Sure, we know their jobs. But a job doesn't tell you anything about the character.
S: "I am a graphic artist, doesn't that say anything about me?"
R: "Only that you are boring. I am a writer. What does that say about me?"
S: "That you are arrogant."
R: "Well, thanks."
S: "Just trying to be nice."
R: "Let's be serious for a minute, okay?"
S: "Serious? You?!"
R: "Come on."
S: "All right."
R: "All right. Let's turn back the clock a little bit. Let's say about 30 years."
S: "That's bad for the transmission."
R: "What?"
S: "The clock. If you turn it back, it will break."
R: "I'll just ignore that. Let's say you are playing a role-playing game now (30 years in
the past). Let's stay with Mario for simplicity's sake. Let's say you played through the Mario RPG." S: "Actually I did. Just hasn't been 30 years in the past."
R: "What?! You found Smithys last part and fixed the Star Street?"
S, "Yeah, I did."
R: "Good call. Think how the NPCs would feel and what they would do if you visited them now."
S: "A lot of dignity in one sentence."
R: "Now be serious."
S: "Okay, all right. I'll get into it. They'd probably have a really boring life.
There's nothing more to do. Everyone is happy and waiting for... I don't know. Like Pacman, they're waiting for you to restart the game.“
R: "Exactly, and how would it be if somebody put out a game now. Say the Mario
RPG, just 30 years later. You don't start playing until after the credits. From the point when there's actually nothing left to do." S: "First of all I would say: You should stop with the 30 years. It's not that long ago.
And secondly: "That would be the most boring game ever. I don't think anyone would play that."
R: "And that's why nobody has ever tried it."
S: "I have a really bad feeling about what you're getting at."
R: "Let's make this game!"
S: "A boring Mario Game?"
R: "No. A role playing game where the NPCs were left alone. A game in which they
were had to build up a private life. A game that was left on for so long that the characters would have gone crazy if they hadn't found a hobby". S: "So you want to torture NPCs to make a boring game, I got that right ...summarized?"
R: "Something like that. Only I don't want to do it alone, but together with you. And that it won't be boring, but totally cool. What do you think about that?"
S: "And what's the hook?"
R: "The hook?"
S: "Well, why would your game... sorry, I mean: Why shouldn't our game in particular not be boring?"
R: "Because our NPCs won't be extras, they will be something like digital people. Otherwise there is no point."
S: "You mean, like the pixel that moved out to become a human?
R: "Hey, that's a good sentence. That's what we call the game."
S: "That was a joke."
R: "Then let's call it something else. But are you in?"
S: "Sure, let's make flop history!"