About the game

What happens to the inhabitants of a game world after you have finished it? In No one lives in heaven the NPCs have been left alone for years and you are the first person to meet them again. All your decisions have consequences and influence the course of the story. Will you manage to change the fate of the NPCs for the better or will you become a prisoner of the game yourself? Is your humanity strong enough to stand your ground? No one lives in heaven does not give you a role to play. You are not a chosen hero, who defeats an evil power with the help of his skills. The role you play is you, and the fate you decide on is your own. NOLIH's campaign includes about 40 hours of playtime and offers a high replay value due to over 100 different endings. No two playtimes are the same. They depend on the decisions you make. You'll encounter over 200 unique NPCs and can solve over 300 custom quests and a variety of side activities for hundreds of hours of fun. With the purchase of the game, you will also receive both the English and German editions of the book "Encyclopaedia Com├ędica - A serious journey to funny realms". No one lives in heaven is the most comprehensive game ever created with the engine RPG Maker.